Four-year-old Glen Croson finally got to celebrate a birthday today. He was only baby born Feb. 29, 1956 at Encino Hospital, March 3, 1960. Photo by William H. Wilde

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  1. Roy Fitch

    Hello, my name is Roy Fitch and I am looking to find my childhood friend with the same name and birthday. We were separated when I was sent off to catholic school. We lived in Simi Valley. If you have any tips you could share so that I may contact him I would be very thankful. Glen’s fathers name is Tom and is Brothers are Chris and Lauren. Mother name is Mrs. Croson and was so very nice to me. I would love to tell Glen how much I missed him over the years and how often I think of our early years. He has always been my best friend. I have a thousand questions for him. Many thanks for your consideration. Sincerely, Roy Fitch


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