The Fall of Adohr Farms Silos

Adohr Milk Farms four 60-foot concrete silos  Order #00113599

Adohr Milk Farms 60-foot concrete silos Order #00113599

This series from October 13, 1948 shows the demolition of the Adohr Milk Farms’ 31 year old  concrete silos,  located at 18000 Ventura Boulevard. The Tarzana landmarks were removed after the land was sold and divided  into city parcels to build low-cost homes for veterans. This is just one of the examples from the collection of the post war boom (no pun intended) and the Valley’s transformation from agricultural center to sprawling suburbs. See the whole demolition process in the gallery below.





3 thoughts on “The Fall of Adohr Farms Silos

  1. Pam Vaughan

    Does anyone have an idea who built these silos? They resemble the ones in the Owens Valley that are still standing. The ones there were built by A.O. Adams.


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